Healthy Change, One Boundary at a Time

You are always strong for everyone else... it's your turn now.

Many people who identify themselves as the “strong friend” are the ones that people turn to in times of crisis or when they are in emotional or financial need.

Often times the strong friend doesn’t feel they have anyone to turn to when they have a crisis or need. Thereby stress, anxiety, feelings of depression and much more build up internally with no place for release. No place until today!

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7 Signs of Burnout for the “Strong Friend”

1. Over-extending Yourself

You have so many commitments, plans, and tasks that you are doing, you can barely hold it all together… but you keep going.

2. The Last Time You Exhaled was a Looong Time Ago.

Every human being encounters stress, fatigue, disappointments, and more. If you never stop to acknowledge your needs or don’t feel comfortanble leaning on anyone at all, you are ignoring a human need for release of emotions and restoration of mind, body, and spirit.

3. Feeling More Agitation

Are people and situations getting on your nerves more than usual? If you consumed with meeting the needs of others and yourself, you may find that you have very little room in your mental and emotional storehouse to take on even the smallest tasks or situations.