Burnout. Do you know what it looks like? Are you overwhelmed with people always expecting you to “fix” their challenges and meet their needs, whether family, friends, work, or school? You are so focused on everything and everyone else that you don’t even notice the burnout warning signals in front of you.


1. Over-extending Yourself

You have so many commitments, plans, and tasks that you are doing, you can barely hold it all together… but you keep going.

2. The Last Time You Exhaled was a Looong Time Ago.

Every human being encounters stress, fatigue, disappointments, and more. If you never stop to acknowledge your needs or don’t feel comfortanble leaning on anyone at all, you are ignoring a human need for release of emotions and restoration of mind, body, and spirit.

3. Feeling More Agitation

Are people and situations getting on your nerves more than usual? If you consumed with meeting the needs of others and yourself, you may find that you have very little room in your mental and emotional storehouse to take on even the smallest tasks or situations.

4. Just Can’t Seem to Relax

You lay down after a long day but your mind is wide awake. You have a whole list of tasks, concerns, and questions whipping around in your mind.  When you finally fall asleep, you still wake up feeling exhausted.

5. Missing Important Engagements

The alarm goes off, indicating that it’s time to go to work or be present for class but your just can’t seem to get your mind and body to move any faster than a snail pace. You may find yourself calling out of work or not showing up for class, even when the consequences could seriously impact your future success.

6. Lack of Joy and Satisfaction

Even when you are with people that you love to hang around or doing activities that you always enjoyed, you seem to have an underlying feeling of tension or discontent that doesn’t go away.


7. Feeling Like Your Efforts are Never Enough

  • No matter how you try to be there for others, they cycle through the same problems and come back to you for support.
  • Work and school projects may feel like they are never ending. You can’t seem to get ahead on any one project.