Healthy Change, One Boundary at a Time

Gorgeous West, APC

Associate Professional Counselor

Gorgeous West is a licensed Associate Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor located in Atlanta, GA. She is passionate about working with millennial young adult clients that have a difficult time establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries, life transitions/adjustment difficulties, and stress management. She believes in honoring her clients journey through validating their experiences and working closely with them by using an integrative approach focused around their individual therapeutic goals.

Gorgeous  attended Webster University where she graduated with a Master of Art degree in Clinical Professional Counseling. Gorgeous is licensed as an Associate Professional Counselor practicing under direction of Ruby Blow (LPC003511, Georgia). Gorgeous truly believes in meeting her millennial clientele where they are and is certified to provided  teletherapy for clients who’s lifestyles don’t allow them time to come into the office.

Therapy for Black Girls