Healthy Change, One Boundary at a Time

Individual Counseling

Get restored, after pouring all of your time, energy, and resources into everyone else.

Together we will work to help you:


  • Create, establish, and maintain healthy boundaries in all areas of life (intimate/family relationships, friends, and work)
  • Focus on your personal needs and begin to pour into yourself, instead of “fixing”/helping everyone else.
  • Identify ways to make self-care fit into your current lifestyle.

Telemental Health


Want more flexibility in your counseling experience by meeting through phone or video conference?


Telemental health can benefit you by:


  • Giving you acces to your therapist no matter where you live in the state.
  • Save time when you have a tight schedule. You can decide on your therapy location. As long as there is a quiet confidential space, you can have your therapy session.
  • Ease into therapy. For those who are concerned about showing up at the therapist’s office. You can work at your own pace to release yourself from any stignmas or concerns you might have, while still getting the support you need.

Group Counseling

Interested in group therapy? Contact me to get on the list.

This is a group for both male and female millennials to come together to discuss current daily “adulting” struggles and the best ways to navigate and cope in today’s ever changing world.