I’ll be the first person to say 2020 came in swinging punches and taking low blows as if we did something to her. If you weren’t humble coming into the new year, I’m sure after going through last month and experiencing planned events, trips, social gatherings, and basically life outside of your house as #CANCELLED you are. Let’s also not forget our routinely scheduled grooming services (i.e. hair appointments/hair cuts, nails, brows, lashes, and etc) #CANCELLED. We finally figured out  the whole “adulting” was a set-up and struggle within itself, but for our lives and norms to be shook by COVID-19…. SHEEEESH.

This current period of time is critical and difficult for US ALL to adjust to,process, and accept. We are all experiencing feelings of grief and loss from what our normal day to day lives/routines were like on top of grieving lost opportunities/experiences from things being cancelled. If your day to day and weekends were filled with kicking it with friends/family, attending fun outings/events, standing up on sofa couches in club sections repeating trap lyrics or Meg The Stallion, sipping mimosas while brunching, catching flights, or just being free to do you with no restraints I SEE YOU and I FEEL YOU. We didn’t ask for this “new normal” of quarantining and social distancing however here we are 3.5 weeks later and signs and symptoms from its effects are beginning to surface physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our “busy lives” have abruptly slowed down without asking us for permission to do so which has forced some people to have to “Sit with their sh*t” and that alone can be triggering and uncomfortable.

So to help us cope and navigate through the sh*t here are….


1) REFRAIN FROM DWELLING on how things were before social distancing/quarantining and the pandemic. It will make adjusting and accepting your new current state of “What Is” both difficult and challenging. Our previous norm “Pre-Rona” may not look the same “Post-Rona”. Being open and adaptable to change helps with transitioning and adapting to new normal’s.

2) JUST DO IT….Use this time to do some of things you always found yourself putting of or being “too busy to do”. So that closet that needs to be reorganized or switched out for the new season, product junkies lets clean out those closets/cabinets, that accent wall you’ve been wanting to paint, or those floating shelves you’ve been meaning to hang up, that online course you have yet to log in to, and don’t forget about that DIY project you bought all the materials for but didn’t get around to doing it….LETS DO IT!

3) CONNECT with your friends and family virtually using facetime, duo, zoom, or any other messenger/video conference app. I’ve attended #ClubQuarantine and birthday parties on social media platforms #GetCreative. We may not all be able to be together physically but you’d be surprised how just seeing the person you’re talking to can make you feel more connected.

4) LAUGH...Find your reason to laugh and smile daily. The media content can be triggering and feel like information overload since it is all based around the pandemic crisis. So if you need to find some memes to laugh at or watch silly videos on Tik-Tok…please do it. It’s vital during this time that you are intentional with controlling your own joy & happiness.

5) SAY SOMETHING…if this time period has been extremely difficult for you and you need someone to talk to consider trying therapy. Your “Strong Friend” is experiencing the same feelings as you and may not be able to provide you with the answer to help you feel “unstuck”. Most clinicians now are providing services virtually so you can work through your feelings and gain new coping skills from the comfort of your home from an online session with a professional.

Comment and Share Below With Others Things You’ve Done to Cope That You’ve Found Helpful.