*Beat drops “Real Hot Girl Sh*t”…
Can we all thank Megan Thee Stallion for coming all the way thru and providing US with our motto, hashtag, and picture caption for the summer of 2019 #HotGirlSummer. From seeing the post on the social media discussing the “Hot Girl Summer To Do List” and etc. this really themed our summer.
I think it’s important that we all identify and create our own definition and visual of #HotGirlSummer because my version and the next persons version could look completely different and guess what…Thats OKAY. To me, #HotGirlSummer means “accepting and embracing yourself as a whole and LOVING it and not just owning the parts that “society” approves and validates”. Pulling up and showing out and being your true authentic self in ALL settings.
In a recent podcast Dr. Joy Harden Bradford (Founder of Therapy for Black Girls) discussed Using Therapy To Craft Your #HotGirlSummer which was a game changer. Here are a few ways in which coming to sit on my couch or any therapists couch can help you achieve tapping into your inner #HotGirl and letting her shine:
  1. Therapy is where you can be vulnerable to explore and identify who your inner hot girl is without fear of judgment, criticism, and shame.
  2. Having a #HotGirlSummer can definitely be your opportunity to practice self-care by prioritizing to DO YOU 1000% .
  3. You can learn skills and tools on how to embrace and carry your #HotGirlSummer ways into  fall and winter.
  4. This is your opportunity to be BOLD, FIERCE, and put your middle fingers up and tell em “Boy/Girl Bye” #SorryNotSorry
  5. If your #HotGirl tactics don’t go as planned then you have a safe space to regroup and go back to the drawing board with your therapist.
Until Next Time, Hot Girls 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gorgeous West