You remember that old school Mase song that went “Breathe…Stretch…Shake….LET IT GO” (insert Diddy Bop here)? If so good we’re on the same page…if not then keep reading! Wouldn’t it be nice if we were able to let go of our pains, worries, stressors that easy by doing those three simple things? When was the last time you gave yourself permission to let some sh*t go? Take a second and think about….if it was recently then KUDOS to you but if you’re still thinking of a time then this blog post is for you! Are you tired of feeling weighed down emotionally, mentally, and spiritually? Now is your time….here are 4 Reasons Why You Should Let That Sh*t Go:

  1. We tend to carry a lot of sh*t (negative thinking patterns, fears, stressors, and etc.) that don’t belong to us. Generational traumas get passed down like family recipes and automatically become “the right way” but that does not mean that it’s “your way”. It’s time for you to change the recipes, let the shit go that is not purposeful to you and do what works for YOU. Change the recipe narrative by breaking through the passed down cycle.
  2. Holding on to things mentally, spiritually, emotionally, or physically can stunt your growth and block your wins. In order for one to grow one must be open to receive. You can’t be living your best life in 2019 holding on to things from the 99 and the 2000s (see what I did there…lol). It’s important that you’re able to invite new feelings, opportunities, and wins in!
  3. You deserve to be happy & free. Say it out loud “I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY & FREE”.By letting sh*t go you can focus on YOU…(Periodt). What does this look like…let’s see: increase self-awareness through self-exploration, actively practicing self-care, connecting with others,and building new and meaningful relationships.
  4. You’re only 1 person and you can’t do everything. No matter how well of planner or time management connoisseur you think you are the reality is this you can’t. It’s important to be able to let some shit go and allow others that are qualified & available to assist you(keywords: #qualified & #available). This can decrease your feelings of stress & anxiety and allow you to focus on the priorities aka (the major keys).

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